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On hot summer days, you can find the Temple Tiger lounging in the shade of his favourite tree. The local hunter birds are more than happy to bring him tasty treats in exchange for some of his irresistibly good Melon & Mango e-liquid.


The Temple Tiger regularly visits the lagoon to collect and harvest the freshest, water drenched Blue Raspberries. Guarded by jungle piranhas, the Temple Tiger must use all his stealth to get past them undetected.


The Temple Tiger has created a flavour to reflect the many moods of the Jungle. Inspired by the colour changing chameleon, Mood is crafted using fresh lemons and tropical lychees to create a flavour as unique as the jungle itself.


An elephant never forgets… a great e-liquid! Temple Tiger has crafted a unique flavour that is sure to cause a rumble in the jungle. A sweet, refreshing take on a classic grapefruit flavour sure to set your taste buds ablaze!


The clouds are drawing closer. As the storm sets in, the Temple Tiger takes cover and watches the raindrops fall. Tucked away as he enjoys a bottle of his cucumber, cranberry & apple mix. It’s as good as it sounds!