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Apple Candy

Our Apple Candy e-liquid is the taste of summer captured and squeezed into a bottle. It’s like we’ve taken freshly harvested apples and pressed out every last drop of juice to create a fresh apple flavour like no other.

Black Honey

Presenting our most popular tobacco based e-liquid. Black Honey is a perfected blend of tobacco and honey. This particular e-liquid bridges the gap between fruity and tobacco flavours giving you the best of both worlds.

Black Smoke

For those of you who crave after a strong ashy taste typically associated with cigarettes, try a bottle of our Black Smoke. It’s an acquired taste but definitely worth a try.


Why not slow it down a bit and unwind with a bottle of Cappuccino e-liquid by Cosmic Clouds. Close your eyes and you might be fooled into thinking you’re in a coffee shop.


Champeach is a firm favourite and makes for a great summer vape. Luxurious champagne notes are perfectly blended with the fuzz of a white peach to create a flavour unlike any other!

Cookie Canyon

The Cookie Canyon e-liquid is one of our favourites and tastes like you’re biting into a giant mountain made of cookies! All the flavour but without the crumbs… Yummy!!

Forest Fruit

To get an idea of what our Forest Fruit e-liquid tastes like, try Imagining fresh woodland berries in the morning dew. Fresh… fruity… and packed full of flavour.

Fresh Tobacco

Fresh tobacco e-liquid is perfect for those who want an accurate cigarette taste. This is the one to go for to mimic the sensation of a traditional tobacco cigarette.


Set your taste buds free and unleash the flavour with Fruitonic. The insanely fresh taste of ripe Mango and smooth Peach crammed into an e-liquid!

Grape Escape

Get an explosions of flavour with our mouth watering Grape Escape e-liquid. With a smooth fresh taste and lots of vapour, this one is a must try for any fruit lover.


This classic tropical Kiwi e-liquid is pack full of intense flavour that makes for one heck of a satisfying vape. Sweet fruity tones that are sure to hit the spot.

Lemon Zest

For all you citrus lovers out there, we’ve put together a water drenched Lemon Zest e-liquid that’s hard to beat. With just the right amount of flavour, Lemon Zest makes for the perfect summer vape!


Get a blast of tropical Mango goodness that is sure to please even the most discerning of taste buds!


If you’re looking for a straight menthol flavour then this one’s for you. Our Menthol e-liquid is packed with a blast of icy cold menthol that is sure to tickle even the most stubborn of taste buds.


This classic e-liquid can be compared to plucking a fresh pear right from the tree. Packed full of flavour and a sure favourite for any fruit lover.


Our Pomegranate flavoured e-liquid offers a sensational sharp blast of ripe Pomegranate that will leave you craving more of deliciously fruity vape. Obviously we removed the seeds 😉

Royal Menthol

If you’re used to smoking a menthol cigarette then our Royal Menthol e-liquid is the one for you. We’ve perfected the blend to offer a great menthol flavour along with the familiar taste of a traditional cigarette.


RY4 is a delightful mix of freshly whipped vanilla cream masterfully blended with a mild tobacco. Possibly one of the most sought after tobacco based flavours available and a must try for every vaper.


Our Strapple e-liquid flavour is a firm favourite and comprises of freshly pressed apples perfectly blended with ripe strawberries. Think summer. Think Strapple!


Not much needs to be said about this one. A classic Strawberry flavour given the Cosmic Clouds treatment and now available as an e-liquid!

Strawberry Burst

We start with our classic strawberry flavour, then add two spoons of zing, a pinch of sparkle and a dash of WOW! to make this e-liquid burst with flavour.


Tuscan is a unique flavour in it’s own right. It’s part of our tobacco range and has a fragrance very similar to certain cigars. It’s a strong flavour that is sure to quench any tobacco craving.

Tutti Frutti

Join the Hobo in vanilla bliss with his spectacular Custard Queen e-liquid concoction! This British classic has been given the full Hobo treatment resulting in an insanely deep, thick, creamy custard flavour. All that’s missing in the cake!

Twisted Fruit

Twisted Fruit is a flavour packed e-liquid with the familiar taste of your favourite energy drink. An acquired taste but very popular!


Our unflavoured e-liquid is exactly that…..Unflavoured! Sometimes it’s good to reset the taste buds.


Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. Our Vanilla e-liquid is packed full of flavour and offers a smooth, seductive vape.

V! Tobacco

For those that can’t break away from the taste of roll-up cigarettes, we’ve developed an e-liquid that accurately mimics the taste commonly associated with traditional rolling tobacco.


When vaping our Watermelon e-liquid, your mind is instantly transported to a hot Caribbean beach where you find yourself feasting of the ripest, most water drenched Watermelon ever!

Wizz Jizz

Our WizzJizz e-liquid contains a top secret blend of fresh tropical fruits combined to create one of the most flavoursome juices out there. A must try for any fruit lover.